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Mar 18, 2008



dear Iggy:

  sooooo happy to hear from you.

  about the affair - there's nothing firm and forever, so I guess we'd just

grip the tiny chances emerge from the corner of our lives. and it's great

to know you're seeing a wonderful guy - yeah, i think you're right that

we all need love, or our lovers attention. however, days by days i would

wander, hey, if I am falling in love with the reflection of my IDEAL

imagination? is this guy real? even just right after Harry waved me goodbye

and vanished into the crowd in subway station I would somehow panic

- will i met this guy again in the coming summer?

  anyway, he means really something to me among all these things.

i kinda enjoy the FALLING - give out all-heartedly, gee, when is the last time

I felt CHEMISTRY btwn another person?

  I'll arrive Chicago in late July, maybe 29th or 30th. There will be a grand

music festival named Lollapalooza held Aug 1-3, i am planning to attend.

and my stay in Chicago may last about 3 weeks, have no exact idea when

I will fly back yet. Still trying to find more info to enrich my stay there.

  The most troublesome thing now is my limited budget - especially for

accomodation. I don't think I will stay w/ Harry. there's too much uncertainty

ahead and I should not take the risk. I found a good youth hostel online,

just right near Lincoln Park, and the comments seem not bad. And the

price is the lowest in town i guess ($31/ one night). Hmmmm but summing

it up is still a BIG expense, if I stay for 20 or 21 nights. haha. So,

I'd like to ask, if you know some other places, like college dorms, offers

accmmodation for int'l students or so on. want to save some money anyway.

  talk to you soon.




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