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1985年生,宜蘭人。紅樓詩社出身,臺灣大學新聞研究所碩士。現於資本市場討生活,頭不頂天,腳不著地,所以寫字。曾獲文學獎若干。著有現代詩集《青春期》,《嬰兒宇宙》,《偽博物誌》,《我只能死一次而已,像那天》;散文集《樂園輿圖》、《棄子圍城》、《天黑的日子你是爐火》。作品曾選入年度散文選、年度臺灣詩選、《七年級新詩金典》、《港澳台八十後詩人選集》等選本。Contact email:

Feb 21, 2006



10 favorite CDs released within past ten years

(no ranking)

Alanis Morissette |Jagged Little Pills

Bjork |Post

Kylie Minogue |Fever

Madonna |Ray of Light

Mariah Carey |Butterfly

Michael Jackson |Dangerous

Radiohead |I Might Be Wrong

Sarah McLachlan |Surfacing

Underworld |Everything, Everything

Way Out West |Way Out West

it's my list of favorite CDs released within 1995-2005.

in the past ten years I went thru many kinds of genre and knew 'em.

everyone of the above means something to me,

no matter if it might be taken as "pop" one or "alterative".

it's just my list, which is selected with a very personal standard.:)


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