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1985年生,宜蘭人。紅樓詩社出身,臺灣大學新聞研究所碩士。現於資本市場討生活,頭不頂天,腳不著地,所以寫字。   曾獲文學獎若干。著有現代詩集《青春期》,《嬰兒宇宙》,《偽博物誌》,《我只能死一次而已,像那天》,《嬰兒涉過淺塘》;散文集《樂園輿圖》、《棄子圍城》、《天黑的日子你是爐火》。作品多次選入年度散文選、年度臺灣詩選,以及《七年級新詩金典》、《港澳台八十後詩人選集》等選本。   Contact email:

Jun 29, 2006



A man came into my dream, with his hand full of

gentleness running thru my neck, chest, and my fit belly

He invited, if I am going to the place that

somewhere only we know three years ago

But for me it's already a wrong place in the memory

I am not that ready to embrace his body

asking, do I know you from somewhere, oh

why do you leave me wanting more after three years of waiting

made me say all the things again, again, and again

like the most stupid words I've expressed

lying naked in his arms surrounding my frail heart

tear drops fell down on the cheek

He wiped 'em down, saying warmly, you shoulda been there

but not here. you're his but not mine

drowning in the shining, blinking lights and

there's darkness pervaded in the crack of the dancefloor

 "kiss me since I am dying in front of you, give me

  the last kiss like what you've done to me

  at that moment we met. put your hand on my skin

  everytime I close my eyes I saw you, need to make some

  connection between you and me despite of the relationship I had

  everytime your treating me good left me not knowing where to go

  oh, happiness devoured me, happiness was dark

  imitated the memories you hugged. I am quite happy

  quite happy to be sad"

walking on the thin line all alone

one side is the man in my everlasting dream and

the other side is...

He touched the most fragile part of my mind

it was cracking with some sounds I've never heard before

I've been trying hard seeing inside his soul

and another man, in the right place

stood there, a lightyear far, watching me

outside of my dream his eyes were cold

passing over some alcoholic beverage

his voice was full of tolerence: "don't get too drunk"

i won't stay anymore


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